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Surviving Is The Secret Of Life

The secret of life is surviving by not giving up on any problems and trials. Every single day that has passed is  consider  you survive that day, because we never know what will happen today, tomorrow or the next days.
Experiencing pains are natural for us human being, the essence of that when you survive that certain pain it will make you a better person. Surviving is not only applicable for us human but for every living things in the world. It’s a matter on how will you manage everything to be able to survive.

Try to solve the problems, for there is no problem that has no solution. Try to evaluate everything, know the cause of it, then suddenly after weighing everything you will come up with a solution.  Give your best on all the things that you do. Surviving isn’t just living your life as it is, perhaps exploring new things, creating solutions on anything.

Exploring new things, when you had that certain situation that you haven’t experience before. Try to be creative. That life is short and none of the little things that annoy most people should matter in the long run. So you must take everyday as your lucky day.

For previous year, we had experience different crisis, especially financial crisis. We hadn’t forgotten what was happened last year that most of the large companies here and abroad had closed due to financial stability. Many people had lost their jobs but despite of that we never give up, instead we seek solutions on that problems, then slowly we manage to survive. We also undergone strong earth quakes in any part of the world, many lives and establishment had been destroyed, but we manage to go on living with the help of all of the concern citizens.

Overcoming all the trial and problems big or small is consider as surviving. Always do your best and always keep your head up.

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