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The Secret Of Life

The Secret Of Life
For you, what is the secret of life?
The secret of life is can be happiness, by using the technique of Law of Attraction which is teaching to achieve happiness, determination-determine what is that you really desire in life. Money is not the secret of life because many suicide cases are from higher income families. Things that can give you happiness is those little things like hug, smile, love and distinguishing  what you really want so that you will be focus for more of it and visible those things in reality.
There are lots of techniques on the secret of life, but if you don’t apply it, you won’t experience, joy, peace and true happiness. Secrets of life is to change our inner world not the outer world. Beyond those illusionary walls, lies the real world — and real happiness.
Energy is, is the secret of life the most current personification of the Law of attraction states that like attracts like, meaning if you’re energy is positive it will draw more positive energy.
Emitting Positive Energy:
= Movement is a positive energy, willing to grow towards healing, strength and staying in touch with your dark side and weaknesses.
= Be compassionate to yourself and to the world.
= Positive energy doesn’t refuse negative emotions, Feel defeat and fear and keep persevering.
= Giving the benefit of the doubt and don’t judge promptly that what positive people do.
= Honesty is also a positive energy, expressing your true self by being gentle and honest and through thoughts and actions.
= Positive energy appreciates success and happiness of other people.
= and Lastly, Follow your dreams and desires.
DNA the secret of life, how can this be?  Fifty years ago, James D. Watson helped launch the greatest ongoing scientific quest of our time. He shows that the secret of life is chemical. New genetics has set mankind off on an expedition unimaginable just a many years ago. He expose how genetics has set free a wealth of possibilities to change the human condition. He also showed how DNA continues to revise our understanding of human origins, and of our identities as group and as individual.
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